Human resources are the key to a successful completion of products, projects and services. As a result we spend a lot of time in selection of the people who fit our customer's requirements.
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Application Development

For the development of applications highly specialized processes are used to guarantee quality results which meet the design specifications. To ensure the quality we work with organizations and products which are ISO 9000 certified.

One of the most important factors often neglected is the life expectancy of the applications.

For building new applications a multitude of technology disciplines are required and not limited to the following categories:

  • Database Development
  • Network Development
  • Modern Programming Languages
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Internet Applications

Based on experience from the vast range of projects in the different industries, we build a large pool of qualified, experienced and certified IT professionals in the various technology segments. In addition common well known methodologies and processes are being used to guarantee timely delivery.

As the world is standardizing on the use of reusable software components, we have build a large expertise in this area based on modern and common Programming Languages in up-to-date Development environments. We are encouraged by the use of the latest development environments (i.e. Oracle, Borland) which leads to lower cost of ownership for the applications during the development and maintenance phases.

Timely delivery and quality of the Applications are the key in our design and implementation process.

Low cost factors are additional incentives for our customers to start and complete high tech projects in a sure manner. Our Customer reference list will back this up. quartz and granite countertops.
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