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Video on Demand

Compaq and Oracle

Based on products from recognized hardware and software suppliers a complete "Video On Demand" system was developed and installed in a large business and residential community.

The system was recently delivered and uses state of the art technology, including Personal Computers and standard low cost set-up boxes for the user to make a VIDEO selection.

The system is based on a standard Oracle Database system, and can easily be extended to include additional customized features.

It can handle a vast volume of requests based on the current industrial specifications.

System Design

Furthermore the system-design was done considering the following criteria:

  • Full Client/Server Environment
  • Operating System (OS-platform) independent
  • Scalable platform(s) support
  • Support of a Database of nearly any size
  • Flexible Security System features
  • Build-in safety options in case of hardware and/or software failures
  • Build-in Internet feature capabilities
  • Support of Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Powerfull and flexible capability for report generation

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