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SURE System

The SURE System was gradually refined using a Meta Language and related Compiler development Technologies. Today the system contains a very large library of GRAMMARS and other tools that support a wide variety of systems. At the beginning of each project the SURE system performs a complete analysis of all existing software layers. This include the creation and use of a Data Repository. In the second stage it does the de-composition and re-composition of the same software functionality in a new environment.

SURE - Data

  • A Visual / Object Oriented Tool-set written in the C++ Language, running on MS Windows and UNIX platforms
  • Automatic software transition with full application conversion of its entire environment:
    1. Source-code re-engineering for computer Languages including COBOL, RPG/400, PL/1, Fortran, C, Basic, etc.
    2. Automatic creation of new database structures
    3. Bridge Programs to converts data (e.g. Oracle, MS-SQL, Informix,)
    4. Automatic transitions of screens and reports
    5. Command procedures conversion.
  • Converts more than 5 Mloc per hour and 3.000.000 data records per hour
  • Source-programs are updated according to Customer's specifications.

    The transition procedure

  • Original source code gets parsed by specialized tools which are driven by scripts developed by Rhone-Valley Systems
  • The SURE toolkit generates intermediate states for further processing
  • The SURE generates new source (C, Cobol, or Fortran) for particular well defined environments (IBM AIX, HP/UX, DEC OSF/1, etc.)
  • The new source-code is compiled and linked for the new software platforms and environments
  • Screens/ forms and reports, database descriptors and command procedures follow a similar process

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