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Strib Tech


Strib Tech systems is a billing system for a wide range of digital telecommunication networks. The system integrates easily with industry standard telephone exchange units (e.g. Ericsson, Alcatel), using industry standard interfaces and is already operational in 10 different networks. The first system has been operational for over 3 years.

It supports operations for operators of:

  • Mobile and Mobile Data Networks
  • Fixed Line Networks
  • Long Distance Network Services
  • Internet Service Providers

The system can be configured as per the customers required management structures.

Applications Functionality

Customers Department

  • Customers Service

Settlings Department

  • Collecting & Processing Trafic Data
  • Tariffs
  • Invoicing
  • Interconnect Charges - Roaming
  • Bank Payments Systems
  • Customer Payments
  • Special Customers (Debtors)
  • Mutual Account with suppliers
  • Debtors

Information Services

  • Customers Settlements
  • Mutual Account with suppliers
  • Debtors
  • Statistics

Engineering Department

  • Lines and Cables
  • Repair Office
  • Statistics

System Administration

  • Statistics
  • References and System adjustments
  • Systems Administration
  • Support of Database

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